Bay City Flyers: 2024 CLUB OFFICERS




President – Jeff Houck 727-697-7270

Vice President – George Andruss 813-846-5013

Secretary – Werner Keil 727-510-0402

Treasurer – Mike Sperato 813-382-3426

Director – Pete Rundel 813-802-8970

Director – Henry Foytik 305-525-1235

Director – Roger Cherry 727-859-8859

For Club information and all other matters of importance, please contact the President.


If you are new to our club and need flight instructions, please contact Mike Kohanyi, our Chief Flight Instructor. If you are a current member and would like to become a Flight Instructor please contact Mike Kohanyi.

Bay City Flyers provides a number of ways to introduce individuals into the sport of Radio Control Flying. Never flown before? No Problem. We have a group of members who are designated as “Intro Pilots” by the AMA. An Intro Pilot offers you the opportunity to fly a few times without purchasing equipment and to be covered by the Intro Pilots AMA Insurance. If you are interested in continuing flying you must join AMA and we can provide you with a Club Instructor. If you have a friend or relative who holds a Bay City Flyer Solo Card, he or she may be able to act as your Instructor.

Chief Flight Instructor – Mike Kohanyi 813-744-1471

Pilot Instructor – Bill Intini 727-255-3809

Pilot Instructor – Bud Walkinshaw 727-267-3519

Intro Pilot Instructor – Jody Lopez 813.843.4011

Finally, we have Designated Check Ride Pilots, who will check you out and determine if you can be issued a Bay City Flyers Solo Card:

– Mike Kohanyi 813-744-1471

– Any of the Club’s Officers (see above) or official pilot instructors