Join or renew your membership

A new member must prove he or she can fly one type of RC aircraft safely. Prior to exhibiting this skill, a No Solo Card will be issued to the new member. No Solo Card holders have all the club privileges of a Solo Card holder, but cannot fly alone. When flying, a No Solo Card holder must be accompanied by a Flight Instructor or a BCF Solo Card holder. A No Solo Card holder, when ready to be tested, must make an appointment with one of the Club’s instructors. When safe flying skills have been validated, the instructor will notify the club secretary to mail a regular membership card to the new member.


Procedures and Fees to obtain membership in the Bay City Flyers RC Club (BCF) follow below.


Any individual interested in joining this organization must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. This organization is referred to as AMA, and provides liability insurance, along with other benefits. Applications to obtain membership in both AMA and BCF can be found on this web site. Download and print the AMA and BCF Applications, and complete them. After signing the AMA application, mail or fax to AMA with the proper fee. Do this first, as you can not join BCF or fly until you show proof of AMA membership.

You can also renew or purchase your AMA card by paying on the AMA website and printing a copy of the temporary card: AMA join/renewal application

Next, print a BCF Application and follow the instructions. The form is in Adobe .pdf format.

For the year 2024, use this form: 2024 BCF Join/Renew Application Form


Bay City Flyers membership fees are as follows:

Member Initiation Fee (one time only)                          $100.00


Member Dues (Annual, paid by Dec. 31st)                   $ 100.00

Member Dues (Annual, plus late fee)                           $ 125.00

Note: Renewals for the following year are paid by Dec. 31st of the current year. The Club has approved a grace period only for late payments between January 1st and 14th. The late fee is $25, which is added to the payment of $100. All renewal applications received after Jan 14th must pay the renewal fee PLUS the initiation fee of $100.00


If joining during the year, Member Dues, in addition to the Initiation Fee, must be paid and adjusted as follows:

$80.00 during 2nd Quarter (April to June)

$60.00 during 3rd quarter (July to September)

$40.00 during 4th quarter (October to December)

The Member Initiation Fee of $100.00 is not adjustable.


To join the club, you must provide the following:

  • Club membership application properly filled out and signed.
  • Proof of current AMA membership.
  • Membership Payment


You may pay using check, money order or cash, in the proper amount, as stated above or you may pay with PayPal, using the button below. As the Club membership voted at the August 1, 2015 general meeting, the costs for using PayPal have been adjusted to account for the fees collected by PayPal. This amounts to a convenience fee, for using this service.

Note: All payment options require submission, to the club’s Secretary, of a signed application and proof of valid AMA Membership, as outlined below, before a Bay City Flyers Membership Card can be issued.


Please read both pages of the club application and sign that you understand and will comply with our Flight Rules. If not signed, your application will be returned. You may submit this completed application and proper fee (if not already paid with PayPal) at a monthly club meeting, to the Club Secretary at the field, or you can mail it to the Club address. Should you decide to mail it in, please make sure you have included all required items, as listed above, and a self-addressed and stamped envelope. All checks should be made payable to the Bay City Flyers.

The mailing address for completed BCF applications can be found here.

If you have any questions, please call either the Club Secretary or the Club President. Their contact information can be found here.