Field Rules

Important message

All Bay City Flyers must adhere to these requirements when using the Area 52 flying field, located within the Conner Preserve:

– Flying on the Conner Preserve before dawn and after sundown is prohibited.

– The main gate must be kept locked.

Because the Conner Preserve is officially available to Hikers and Bikers, the combination lock at the main entry gate must be locked at all times, securing the heavy chain, except when entering and leaving. This method will prevent the Hikers and Bikers from driving into the Preserve and ensure that they park in the designated area outside the main gate. This means that, while you are at the field, the main gate will be secured with the combination lock.

When entering the Preserve grounds, relock the gate as mentioned above and check all locks, to confirm they are properly installed and locked, preventing the gate from being opened. In order to enter, the horse people will have the combination to the SWFWMD lock. However, it is the responsibility of all BCF members to make certain that all locks are locked after entering or leaving the field.

Do not at anytime allow anyone to follow you in, other than BCF Members. Immediately lock the gate after you enter. Horse people with the proper permits from SWFWMD will have the SWFWMD lock combination to open the proper lock. All hikers and bikers must park outside the main gate and enter through the walk through opening.

BCF Field Rules

1. Use common sense. Your safety and the safety of others are of utmost importance.

2. Flying activities may be conducted during the hours between sunrise and sunset only. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

3. Harassment of wildlife is strictly prohibited and is grounds for membership termination. Sand Hill Cranes are not to be harassed, but “walking” them off the flight areas is permitted; however, the use of noise or aggressive action is not allowed.

4. You must be an AMA member to fly. Members using HAM radio frequencies must also hold a valid Technician Class or higher amateur radio license.

5. The main gate at Highway 52 must be kept closed and locked at all times. When entering and exiting the field, close and lock the gate behind you.

6. Taxiing is permitted inside the piped taxiways and on the main runways only. Taxiing from the pit area to the taxiway and vice-versa is prohibited. The aircraft must be under positive physical control anytime the engine is running outside the authorized taxi areas. No takeoff, starting takeoff or landing on the taxiways is permitted.

7. Only one runway will be active at any given time. The active runway to be determined by wind direction and pilots present. Helicopters can fly on the inactive runway on the half furthest from the active runway. At no time will helicopters get closer to the active runway than the center taxiway on the inactive runway.

8. To facilitate communication between pilots, all flying will be done from the west pilot station blocks for east takeoffs and from the east pilot station blocks for west takeoffs (east/west runway), from the south pilot station blocks for north takeoffs and north pilot station blocks for south takeoffs (north/south runway). Only 5 aircraft are allowed up at one time on any runway. A total of 7 aircraft (including helicopters) are permitted in the air at any one time. Reference rule 7 above.

9. No canopy covers, umbrellas or other vision obstructing items are allowed on the runway side of the pit area. Spectators should stay on the parking lot side of the pit area or in designated spectator viewing areas.

10. When a runway is active, flying south of the white east/west runway line (extended to infinity) or east of the white north/south runway line (extending to infinity) is normally prohibited.

11. The 72 MHz and Ham Band transmitters must be impounded upon your arrival at the field. Prior to turning your transmitter on, put your membership card (BCF member) or AMA card (guest with sponsor present) on the frequency board. After use, re-impound your transmitter and remove your card from the frequency board. The 2.4 transmitters are not required to be impounded, but your BCF membership or AMA card must be displayed on your person, field box or transmitter at all times.

12. All fueling must be done with a capture tank or on a rubber backed piece of carpet to prevent any fuel spill from making contact with the ground.

13. Turbine powered aircraft are not allowed.

14. First Person View Operations (FPV): to perform FPV flights, the operating pilot must have a Club Officer, Director or Flight Instructor as an Observer. It is the responsibility of the operating pilot to coordinate with an Observer. This rule is to augment AMA Document #550 covering First Person View (FPV) Operations.

15. Mufflers/engine silencers are required on all fuel engines larger than .051 cubic inch displacement.

16. While the mowing crew is cutting the active runway and taxiways, please do not attempt to fly. They are unable to hear you or see your airplane. While the bush hog is in operation around the flying field, a spotter is required.

17. Do not leave cigarette butts on the ground. Take them home with you. You must keep your trash picked up and either take it home with you, or deposit it in the dumpster at the entry gate. Keep our field looking good.

18. Be courteous when informing pilots of rule violations.

AMA Safety Code

To access the AMA Safety Code, in .pdf format, click here.

AMA Safety Program

To access the AMA Safety Program, in .pdf format, click here.

As posted at the field, about our Cranes

No flying on any runway while occupied by the cranes. Harassing cranes is prohibited and unlawful. Cranes may however be ‘walked off’ active flying areas in a non-threatening manner.

Be aware, harassing the cranes is a felony and may be cause for membership termination and could result in the loss of our flying field.

Injury sustained by the cranes must be reported to the Florida Fish Wildlife Commission at 888-404-3922.

Report crane harassment or injury and all aircraft crashes to the Club Secretary (see contact information here).