Bay City Flyers Overview

Bay City Flyers (BCF) is a non-profit radio control (RC) flying club. BCF is chartered by the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS (AMA,, the world's largest sport aviation organization, and is recognized by AMA as a Gold level Leader Club.

BCF operates the flying field affectionately called Area 52, located approximately 8 miles north of Land O’Lakes, in the Tampa Bay area. See the “Our Flying Site” tab for more information about the field and don't miss the panoramic photos of Area 52.

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IMAC Contest

The IMAC event scheduled for June 3-4 has been postponed due to the weather forecast for the area. The event will be re-scheduled for a date to be identified in August.

The next Club meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 10 at 9:00 AM.

New Memberships and Renewals

To review the requirements to join or renew your membership, click here, where you can also find the BCF Membership form, available for download and printing.

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Notes to Users

The protected area of this website includes: copies of the Club Newsletters, the Master Membership list, and a Classified section. To access this area, you need to: 1. be a BCF Club member in good standing, 2. create an account on this website as a registered user, and 3. log into the website, with your chosen username and password. The About Us tab of main menu will now show the additional choices to access these items. The Newsletters include the minutes from the last general meeting.



Next Membership Meeting of the Bay City Flyers:

June 10, at 9:00 AM, at the field

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Current weather at flying field for today