Members and Their Planes

This page is for posting recent pictures of BCF members and their planes.

Members wishing to have their photos posted should provide their digital images to the web manager. Please contact any of the Club’s officers to make arrangements.

Don Mriscin

Don Mriscin and his PT biplane:

DSC 8852R

DSC 8853R

Ron Czikowsky

Ron Czikowsky and his AJ Aircraft 123″ Laser 230z IMAC-competition aerobatic plane, powered by a DA-200L 4-cylinder engine, and using a Jeti DS-24 radio system for guidance:

IMG 3623 Small

….and one of his other aerobatic planes, a 120″ wingspan Carden Pro:

IMG 7406 tn


DSC 0133 tn

IMG 7426 tn

Joe Barzyz

Joe Barzyz and his electric ducted-fan Navy jet:

DSC 8851R

Bill McCallie

Bill McCallie and his Japanese Zero fighter plane:

DSC 8867R

DSC 8871R

DSC 9006R

DSC 9012R


…..and his F6F Hellcat:

IMG 0114R

IMG 0122R

IMG 0124R

IMG 0115R



….and his Spitfire fighter plane:


DSC 8976R

DSC 8979R


….. and his WACO SRE (and buddy Gordon):

DSC 9042R

DSC 9051R

DSC 9053R

DSC 9070R


….. and his Hawker Tempest warbird:

IMG 3984R

IMG 3986R

IMG 3990R


….. and his Corsair warbird:

DSC 0178 tn

DSC 0180 tn


….. and his P-47 bubble-top warbird:

DSC 0217 tn

DSC 0213 tn

DSC 0214 tn


….. and his Heinkel He100 warbird, scratch-built based on Jerry Bates plans, with a wingspan of 102″ and powered by a DA-85 engine:


IMG 0058 tn

IMG 0052 tn

Gordon McLean

Gordon McLean and his P51 Mustang “Old Crow”:

DSC 8865R

DSC 8866R

….. and his 3.1m Sukhoi, powered by DA-170. Buddy Giovanni also has similar plane (but no wheel pants :-).

IMG 0603 Gordon ER

Bruce Baltera

Bruce Baltera and his 40% CARF Extra 260 aerobatic plane, powered by a GP-176 engine:

DSC 8863R

DSC 8858R

DSC 8861R

DSC 8877R

Dan Eastburn

Dan Eastburn and his P47 fighter plane “TarHeel Hal”:

DSC 8872R

DSC 8876R

…. and his Extra 300 LX aerobatic plane:

IMG 0112R

…. and his racer. The red airplane is a Great Planes Cosmic Wind Lil Tony. It has a 63 inch wingspan and is powered by a Saito 100. It weighs about 8 pounds. It is considered a giant scale airplane because the full-scale airplane had only an 18 foot 11 inch wingspan. The full scale plane was a racer in the late 1940’s. Consistently, this Lil Toni is pretty quick because of the extremely thin wings and the very aerodynamic shape of the fuselage:

IMG 7412 tn

Greg Baggerly

Greg Baggerly and his IMAC-competition 37% Krill Extra LX aerobatic plane, powered by a DA-170 2-cylinder engine, and using a Jeti DS-24 radio system for guidance:

IMG 7403 tn

IMG 7401 tn

Lance Murphy

Lance Murphy and his IMAC-competition Extreme Flight 125″-wingspan Extra 300 EXP aerobatic plane, powered by a DA-200L 4-cylinder engine, using a Futaba T18MZ radio system for guidance:

IMG 7408 tn


DSC 0092 tn

DSC 0107 tn

…. and his Krill Extra 330 aerobatic plane, powered by a DA-200L 4-cylinder engine, using a PowerBox Core radio system for guidance. Buddy Greg Baggerly also has the same plane. Lance and Greg show their twin “babies” at the field:

IMG 2744 tn

Lou Smith

Lou Smith and his P-41 Warhawk fighter plane:

IMG 0109R

IMG 0104R

IMG 0108R

Werner Keil

Werner Keil and his Yak-54 aerobatic plane:

DSC 9036R

DSC 9038R

Joe Denicola

Joe Denicola and his mistery fighter plane:

DSC 8937R

Mike Sperato

Mike Sperato and his Aeroworks Extra 300 aerobatic plane:

DSC 9099R

Eduardo and Ana Esteves

Eduardo and Ana sent the “thank you” message below to the Club on May 30, 2015, with beautiful pictures of their award-winning P-47 warbird.

We arrived safe in Brazil.

I am sending these photos to our club in appreciation for the great support that we have being receiving during our practice flights to Top Gun. We finished in 3rd place in PRO PROP Category.

Please pass them along to Bruce Baltera our President.

Thank you very much and see you in September.

Eduardo & Ana”



Moki 250cc for power, solo propeller, landing gear by Sierra Giant, finished with Epoxy Klascote

Wingspan 110” Weight 63 pounds

The model was assembled by Dennis DeWeese, also member of Bay City Flyers.


Photography by David Hart:







In November 2015, Eduardo sent the following photos, with this message to the Club:

“I am passing the photos of our victory at the 2015 Scale Masters Championship, I finished in first place in the PRO AM PRO category, among 14 competitors. I was proud to represent Bay City Flyers.  I want to say thank you again for the great hospitality that myself and Ana always have in the club.

See you guys again in February.

Eduardo & Ana”

DSC 0567R

DSC 9145R

IMG 1469R

Mike Diesu

Mike Diesu and his conversion from an Old School Model Works kit, Robinhood 25, to the Spirit of St. Louis. Wing span 45 inches. Motor is a Hi Max brushless motor HC C35-16-1130 powered by a 3s 11 volt 2200 mAh Turnigy battery with 10 x 7 E prop. Spektrum AR620 receiver with an Aura 5 Lite Advance Flight Control Stabilizer:

Spirit StLuis Diesu tn


Giovanni Recchia

Giovanni Recchia and his IMAC-competition aerobatic plane, a 123″-wingspan Sukhoi SU-26, powered by a DA-170 2-cylinder engine, and using a Futaba T18MZ-WC radio system for guidance:

IMG 7422 tn

IMG 7425 tn

Jim Slaughter

Jim Slaughter and his Warbird airplanes.

The light colored biplane is a Maxford USA 20% scale SPAD XVIII, powered by a CCRC-Pro 26cc engine and controlled with a Futaba radio. The black and white triplane is a Balsa USA 25% scale Fokker DR1, powered by a Zenoah G-26 engine and controlled with a Futaba radio. Photography by Roger Cherry.

DSC 0004R

DSC 0003R

DSC 0150R

DSC 0191R


Below are photos of Jim’s Fokker DVII World War I airplane and BF-109 World War II airplane:


20170201 101418 006R 


20170418 091756 001R

Roger Cherry

Roger Cherry and buddy Ron Haynes, with their almost twin Telemasters:


Ron Haynes Roger Cherry R

Telemasters R

Dick Kosby

Dick Kosby getting his Giant U-Can-Do 3D aerobatic plane ready for flight, with help from Werner Keil:

Dick KosbyR

Werner Keil Dick KosbyR

In memory of Dick Kosby:

…here are a few words by President Werner Keil:

“On January 28th we lost a club member, a very dear friend of mine and many club members, Dick Kosby. He had a lot of health issues over the last year, which really took a toll on him. It finally got so bad that he lost the will to handle it. We will surely miss his humor and, at times, stubbornness, but we all had great times and memories to keep, God bless his soul.”

…and a photo of Dick at the old field in 2005:

Dick Kosby 2005 tn

Bob Mann

Bob Mann and his 122″wingspan Edge 540 aerobatic plane, powered by a DLE 170 gas engine:

Bob Mann Edge540

John Hartley

John Hartley and his DC-3 twin-engine military transport plane. Built by Larry Utt, from a Top Flight kit, the model uses two Turnigy G34 Motors, two 60 A Speed Controllers, and Robart landing gear:

DSC 0053E

DSC 0052E

DSC 0050E

Frank Tiano

Frank Tiano and his newest models, a US P-47 and a Japanese Zero:

DSC 0159 tn

DSC 0174 tn

DSC 0157 tn

DSC 0175 tn

DSC 0176 tn

DSC 0173 tn

Chip Greene

Chip Greene and his Grumman F7F Tigercat:

Chip Greene TigerCat

DSC 0131 tn

DSC 0120 tn

Jim O'Brien

Jim O’Brien and his Obsession precision flying plane, from Goldberg. The model is powered by a DLE-35 engine and uses a Spektrum radio system, with telemetry, for guidance:

IMG 7415 tn

IMG 7416 tn

Rene Alvarez

Rene Alvarez with his Stearman biplane:

In Rene’s own words: the model is a Stearman from Ziroli, 87″ wingspan, powered by a G62 with spring starter with a fake seven cylinder engine. The weight is 30 lbs and it is covered with Solartex (Natural color) and painted with Klass-Kote. All the insignias are airbrushed and the nomenclature are dry transfers from Aeroloft, specifically made for this model, which is scale after a full scale in the California museum and it is actually flying. The covering also has simulated stitching and covered with Pink-it, the screws are miniature small screws to simulate the panels around the cockpit. The landing gear and wheels are from Sierra, propeller is from Falcon. The baggage compartment behind the cockpit has the switches for the receiver and position lights. The radio is an old JR PCM 10 converted to 2.4 system with a Spectrum receiver and A123 battery. The model has the same characteristics of the full scale plane, not a ball of fire, but with graceful maneuvering, and it has to be dived to enter certain maneuvers, just like the full scale.

IMG 7418 tn

IMG 7420 tn

….and his warbird, an F86 Corsair from Meister Scale, with a 100″ wingspan.The F86 is a scale replica of Pappy Boyington’s famous plane. It is powered by a Moki 180cc five-cylinder engine, with a three blade Solo Prop. The gear is Sierra Gear with sequencing gear and door. It is painted with Klass-Kote and has simulated rivets and screws with panel lines. All markings are airbrushed, except for the nomenclature which is dry-transfers from Aeroloft. The plane has a complete cockpit, with a actual Pappy Boyington 1/5 scale pilot replica and sliding canopy activated by radio. A JR 9303 radio with JR receivers and a SmartFly power expander with four A123 batteries (ignition, fuel pump,and two receivers) powers it. The Corsair weights 49 lbs. It won best recognition at the 12 O’Clock High in 2014.

IMG 20141025 130716 304 tn

IMG 20141025 130703 184 tn

….and another warbird, a recently finished P-36 Hawk. The model is a replica of the full scale Curtiss P36 currently at the Warbird Tails at the San Diego Museum. The model is covered with Flite-Metal to simulate the real aluminum skin. It also has the panel lines, the rivets and fastener screws. The canopy is manually operated with a full cockpit. The yellow paint and markings are painted with Klass-Kote, the Hawk insignia is dry transfer from Aeroloft. The main and tail gear is from Sierra, with functional flaps. The engine is an RCGF 50cc Twin. The model has a weight of 26lbs. with all the controls and switches hidden.

100 4417


100 4419

DSC 0225 tn

DSC 0227 tn

….and his latest aerobatic plane, a 35% Yak 54 with radial Moki engine. Thanks to Rene patient and skillful re-covering job, notice the awesome transformation from the original military color scheme to a beautiful sunny look.

Here is the “before”:

IMG 1193

and here is the “after”:

IMG 0045


Joseph Cernava

Joseph Cernava with his AT6 Texan:

From Joe’s writing: This is a 1.5th scale version of the Navy’s SNJ 5 WWII-era trainer. #77 was based at Pensacola Fl. naval air station in 1943. The kit is from Yellow Aircraft Company. The wingspan is 101 inches and weight is 38 lbs. The plane is powered with a Saito 90cc gasoline radial engine. Radio system is Futaba 16SZ. The plane was built in 2008 and has 132 logged flights. It has a scratch-built, fully detailed cockpit, complete with sliding canopy, flaps and retracts. In 2009 and 2010 Joe flew this model off the exact same runway as the full scale did in 1943. This was an R/C invitational Gathering of Eagles event air show, hosted at the Naval base two years in a row, on the Columbus Day weekend holidays. The full scale plane #77 is now privately owned and is still flying at air shows around the country.

DSC 0053 tn

DSC 0052 tn

DSC 0039 tn

DSC 0047 tn

DSC 0006 tn


Jim Conley

Jim Conley with his F4U Corsair:

Model: Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair Kit. Wingspan: 86.5”; wing area: 1376 sq in; weight: ~25 lbs; wing loading: ~42oz/sq ft; length: 70”. Radio system: Futaba 7C; engine: DLE 55. The plane was built in the timeframe from January ’08 to December ’09 and is finished with Monokote and house paint. First flight on December 2009.

DSC 0081 tn

DSC 0060 tn

DSC 0072 tn

DSC 0077 tn