Area 52 Flying Field

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BCF Field Map


Aerial pictures of the Area 52 Flying Field

(Brett Horton's photography)

Immediately below is an interactive, 360 degree panoramic photo of the Area 52 field and surroundings. To see it, you need a browser with Adobe Flash Player enabled. If you have Windsow 8 (or later version) and the associated Internet Explorer 11, the Flash Player is already integrated. Otherwise, you may need to download it from here: get flash player

If you use an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you probably will not be able to see the 360 panoramic, but you can still see the regular photos below the panoramic.

On the 360 panoramic, you can drag the picture in any direction with your mouse, or you can use the controls at the bottom of the picture to rotate in smaller steps, tilt up or down, zoom in and out, start/stop auto rotate.


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