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Bay City Flyers (BCF) is a non-profit radio control (RC) flying club. BCF is chartered by the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS (AMA,, the world's largest sport aviation organization, and is recognized by AMA as a Gold level Leader Club.

BCF operates two flying fields in the extended Tampa Bay area: the main field is affectionately called Area 52 and is located approximately 8 miles north of Land O’Lakes. The other, smaller field is referred to as the Pond Site and is located just north of the Westchase area in Tampa. See the “Our Flying Sites” tab for more information about the two flying fields and don't miss the recent interactive, 360 degree panoramic photo of the Area 52 field.

BCF is one of the largest RC flying Clubs in Florida and caters to all types of flying models, such as scale and aerobatic airplanes, helicopters, and multi-rotor aircraft, with the exception of turbine-powered jets (but Electric Ducted Fan jets are permitted). This restriction is the result of the Area 52 field being located within the Conner Nature Preserve, managed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), the field landlord, and their concerns about potential fires resulting from crashed jets. This seems like a small price to pay for the advantage of being in the middle of a very peaceful nature setting, without any buildings in sight and with wide open spaces in all directions of flight. The only “locals” often seen around the runways are a family of sand-hill cranes, searching for tasty critters in the ground and mostly minding their own business.

Highlights of the Area 52 field are the two superbly maintained grass runways, each about 800’ long and 80’ wide, running almost perpendicularly to each other in the north-south and east-west directions, respectively, so that cross-winds are rarely a problem for the pilots. Two 100’ long shelters parallel the runways and protect pilots and equipment from the sun, and the passing summer rains, in between flights. In addition, a covered pavilion offers a place for meetings and relaxed lunches, while observing models flying nearby.

The Club is proud of this field and welcomes new people interested in model building, flying, related competitions, and general advancements of the hobby. Members range from teenagers to over 80-year olds, but all of them share the same excitement about any man-made thing that flies.

BCF has programs aimed at introducing the RC flying hobby to younger people, by giving demonstrations at various schools, as well as hosting special "instruction days" at the flying field. Experienced instructors are available for anyone interested in trying and learning this exciting hobby.

If you are an expert RC pilot, or a person just contemplating RC flying as a hobby, or an individual at any level in between, you will enjoy visiting with the Bay City Flyers and, depending on your situation, may even decide to join.


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It is not too early to start planning your participation in the Annual Club Dinner at Hungry Harry's, on March 12, 2016. Details will follow. Organized by Jim O'Brien 727-776-8319.

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